It is with the utmost pleasure that we are able to offer you our subscription service in the lower mainland!

Enjoy the beauty of the season’s very finest varieties in your own home or office, or give them as an unforgettable gift to someone you care about. As part of our flexible plans, you have the choice to select the price point, the duration, and the frequency of your service. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seasonal Planter Set Design Service

Wouldn’t it be gorgeous if your house was decorated outside with beautiful plants for each season of the year? 

By subscribing to our service and leaving your stunning outdoor spaces in the hands of our designers, you will be able to enjoy your luxurious outdoor spaces year-round, in the winter, spring, autumn, and summer seasons.

Weekly Blooms Arrangement

To create a stunning arrangement for you or your loved one, our designer will hand pick the freshest seasonal blooms available. As every bunch that leaves the workshop is different, there is no standard Weekly Seasonal Selection arrangement. Seasons and availability will determine the color and style of each arrangement. 

Monthly Arrangement

Our designer will select the freshest seasonal blooms to create a stunning arrangement(s) for you or your loved one with the monthly varieties’ subscription. Every design that leaves the workshop is unique, so there is no standard Designer’s Choice arrangement.  

With the Monthly varieties’ selection, you will receive 1 arrangement in total every month to keep your space looking beautiful and fresh.  

Our subscription service is currently available within the areas mentioned in the contact page. If you are interested in other areas, please inquire. Please contact us directly by phone or email to set a consultation appointment. Fees may be applied.