Planter Set Design

Shapes, color schemes, types, styles, and moods in your space are taken into consideration when creating stunning visual displays for any season.

Seasonal planters

There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying a porch with a variety of seasonal plants for your viewing pleasure and the enjoyment of your guests. Whether you want to decorate the entrance to your house or coordinate it with different parts of your garden, there are many options available to you. Our plant recommendations are based on the style of your home, your preferences, and the environment of your home. 

Using Pots to Create a Garden

The advantages of planting in pots are numerous. A changing climate like Vancouver’s requires constant care of the soil of the plants, so when soil is concentrated in small areas, while it requires a lot of work in the beginning, the maintenance is minimal compared to planting in the ground. Additionally, you can rearrange the design of your exterior or interior spaces, corridors, and entrances as you wish.

Planters for Every Season!

It’s true, pots can be maintained throughout the year and adapted to each season. The winter months can be filled with green textures and decorations. Spring is the perfect time to decorate your planter with your favorite shade or a combination of colors and textures. A summer planter can be filled with impressive foliage, while a fall planter can be warm and neutral. Contact us to learn more about our subscriptions for seasonal planters.

Do you know why you should use Artificial Plants and Faux Flowers in your Planters?

A stunning low-maintenance display can be created in an outdoor planter with a combination of artificial flowers and faux plants that won’t require a lot of care. No doubt, the planters will complement the style of the house throughout the year. Add the finishing touch with silk flowers, or tastefully planted succulents that will remain in bloom throughout the year. You can enjoy planters that can be changed to suit each season, giving them a new look four times a year.