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About Us

Our goal is

To keep your space looking beautiful, always.

As a Vancouver-based floral design studio, Gloriosa is dedicated to creating aesthetically pleasing artistic arrangements that are uniquely tailored to our clients’ visions and needs. Plants and flowers are our way of expressing ourselves. Hence, by using the finest quality materials, seasonal in nature, and when possible, local materials, we strive to create a space that is both enchanting and memorable. 

Mavi comes from a family of highly creative and innovative individuals. Her father passed on to her his love of handcrafting, as well as the excitement and determination to always find innovative solutions to problems. She has been passionate about flowers, plants, and arrangements for many years. With the support of her husband Eddy and their adorable family, she surrounds herself with creative professionals to ensure every detail is taken into account. 

Mara has recently joined Mavi in this endeavor. Mara has a number of passions, including Art, stagecraft, design and learning. Mavi and Mara met more than 15 years ago while serving at a church in Ensenada, Mexico. Their paths crossed again in Vancouver, and now, they’re collaborating creatively. 

By combining our knowledge and experience, in the coming years, Gloriosa hopes to become one of the city’s most respected floral design companies.